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Ebenezer's Christmas Carol

28th November 2017


Ebenezer the Ghost Hunter to embark on unusual seasonal recitation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Ebenezer Crouch who is one of the Ghost Tour guides at the Shrieve’s House Barn, 40 Sheep Street (otherwise known as Tudor World) is announcing that he will, this December, be telling the story of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol in that same haunted house!

“It occurred to me one night after my fourth tankard of grog.” Mr Crouch told us, “Mr Dickens story is all about a fellow haunted by spirits - yes? Well what better place to tell a ghost story than in a haunted house?”

Mr Crouch, of no fixed abode, went on to tell us that he will take small groups of brave souls around the Shrieve’s House Barn, by lamplight, telling Dickens story as he goes. Will any of the ghostly inhabitants be helping to tell the story, we asked him?

“Well, you never quite know what will happen in there. I’ve been working there since 1745 and there are always surprises. It will be a very interesting, unique experience, I warrant!”

Ebenezer’s Christmas Carol can be seen at Tudor World on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 7.30pm from December 6th until December 22nd. Because of the spooky atmosphere of the place, and the content of the story it may not be suitable for children under 10 - and some stair-climbing will be necessary. Performances will last around an hour and can be booked at Tudor World. There is a limit of 14 people per show so it advisable to book well in advance, especially if you are coming as a group or family. Price per person is a modest £7.50! Ring 01789 298070 to book or visit our website

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